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Research that Makes a Difference for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
April 2016 Research News & Updates
Autism Awareness Month is set to begin and all of us at ARI are honored by the opportunity to serve the autism community through our ongoing efforts to advance the research agenda while facilitating communication between researchers, treatment providers, families and individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As you can see, we're premiering our new mobile-friendly newsletter format and focusing on research that points to the causes and potential treatments for individuals with ASD.
Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Autism Research Institute
Autism Research News & Updates
Aging in autism: a call to action
By Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. and
Margaret Bauman, M.D.

Twenty years ago, there was much talk but little action about the inevitable onslaught of children and teenagers on the autism spectrum reaching adulthood. Whether it was hesitation or procrastination, private and public agencies delayed planning, and the autism community is now scrambling to figure out ways to best provide needed support and services to young adults on the spectrum.

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Prenatal carnitine supplementation may help prevent ASD

One gene implicated as a contributor to autism-a mutated variant of the TMLHE gene-makes it impossible for cells to manufacture carnitine. New research suggests that for children with this gene, prenatal carnitine supplementation may help prevent autism.

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Brain anomaly may be ASD marker

French researchers say a specific "misfold" in the brain may be a marker for autism. The researchers say their findings indicate abnormal early development in this specific region and suggest that the anomaly they detected may be a useful tool in diagnosing autism.

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BP medication may improve conversational skills in autism

A medication commonly used to treat high blood pressure may improve the conversational skills of individuals with autism, a new study suggests.
The drug, propranolol, is a beta blocker. In addition to lowering blood pressure, it is often prescribed to treat anxiety, stage fright, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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The research articles above also appear in the current issue of ARI's Autism Research Review International newsletter.  
Coming Up This Month at ARI
ARI Think Tank Convenes in April

Once a year highly respected researchers and clinicians gather at the Autism Research Institute's annual Think Tank to discuss critical questions about autism. We look forward to kicking off Autism Awareness Month April 1 facilitating discussions of productive research. The meeting is facilitated by ARI's Scientific Advisory Board and is made possible through generous donor support.
ARI Director Set for Return Trip to Moscow in Late April

For the last two years, Dr. Edelson traveled to Moscow to co-chair a three-day conference on autism.

This year he returns with expert speakers from the United States to help organize the International Research and Practical Conference III: Autism, Challenges, and Solutions, scheduled for April 28-30th. Speakers include Kelly Barnhill, Drs. Harland Winter, Kenneth Sassower, Lauren Moskowitz, David Black, Jill Young and many more.
Registration starts soon. We will provide more information about this important international conference when it is available.
Free Online Continuing Medical Education & Credits for Physicians
Autism Spectrum Disorders:
Research and Medical Treatment Implications

Gain expert insight about behavioral improvement that can be achieved when underlying co-morbid medical and neurological issues associated with autism are addressed. The health of children and adults with autism can be improved by clinicians knowledgeable about the medical and neurological etiologies associated with this complex disorder. Physicians earn complimentary AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™

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Selected Medical Talks now Online in Portuguese and Spanish - Free Certificates of Participation are Provided

As part of our effort to support families and individuals worldwide, we have begun translating the series developed in joint providership with Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Watch and share translations in Spanish and Portuguese
Online Learning for Parents and Professionals
Did You Know ARI Records and Uploads Free Webinars? 

Watch and share free lectures by top experts on a wide range of topics. We are grateful to our friends at the Johnson Center for Child Health & Development for working in partnership to offer presentations throughout the year.  

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BILT Course Resumes April 4
Sign up today for the Autistic Global Initiative and the Houlton Institute's online course emphasizing foundational knowledge and competencies needed to support adults with autism in daily living settings. 

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Participate in Research
Seniors with ASD:
Survey Takers Needed

If you or a person you care for is on the autism spectrum and is 50 years of age or older, we would appreciate it if you could complete the online form.

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Researchers at Arizona State University are conducting a survey to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments for autism, including medications, nutritional supplements, diets, therapies, and education. The investigators hope to learn which treatments are most effective for different symptoms (language, anxiety, sleep, GI, etc.).  Survey results will be posted online for families and clinicians, and published in a scientific journal.

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 We know you'll be hearing from many worthy charities launching autism awareness campaigns in the weeks to come, and we hope you'll include ARI on your list.  As part of our commitment to following the science wherever it leads, ARI does not seek or accept sponsorships or donations from special-interest groups, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies or the government.

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