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February 2013 


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Autism Jobs: Tell Us What You Think
Gear Up for Autism Awareness Month
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New Book: Supplements for Autism
Carnie Wilson Wins $10k for ARI
Webinar Replay: Diets for ASD Adults
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Tax Issues & Special Needs
Account/Author Yolanda Baker
Therapy and intervention expenses can add up quickly when you have a child with special needs and most people are looking to save money wherever they can.  This seminar will focus on tax deductions that might apply to medical, educational, and behavioral expenses for a child with special needs. REGISTER 

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What Role Does Food Play in Autism Treatment? 
By Tom Malterre, MS, CN  


How does better nutrition help people on the spectrum? Learn about the evidence for behavioral improvements through elimination diets and potential for overall health improvements through appropriate nutritional support. REGISTER  




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Tell us what you think: Autism Jobs Survey
Later this year we are launching a new initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to individuals on the spectrum of all ages. We are building Autism Jobs - a new resource focused on employment and transition - and we need your input. Take our brief survey and tell us what you would like to see.  Take the Autism Jobs Survey
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From the Director:  
I hope subscribers living in the northeast are safe and warm after last weekend's blizzard. Our thoughts are with you.


Much is happening at the Autism Research Institute (ARI) these days. We just published the book Nutritional Supplement Use for Autistic Spectrum Disorder, written by Dr. Jon Pangborn. In addition, last week Carnie Wilson raised awareness about autism as well as funds for ARI on the Food Network show, Guy vs. Rachel: Celebrity Cook-Off. See articles below.


Based on our recent e-blasts to subscribers, you should be well aware that ARI is sponsoring quite a number of webinars on the Internet. A big thanks to ARI staff member Denise Fulton for organizing these very informative web events.


I am also working with autism groups in Russia to organize a three-day international conference on autism in Moscow. If you live in or are visiting Moscow from April 18-20th, please join us.


Steve Edelson, Ph.D., Executive Director

Autism Research Institute  


Dr. Jon Pangborn, a biochemist and a certified clinical nutritionist (and a longtime friend of ARI), has written a book describing the many supplements that might be useful for people with ASD--and he has graciously donated all future proceeds from the book to ARI.

A few expert opinions:


 baker Sidney MacDonald Baker, M.D.

"Jon Pangborn PhD took hold of questions - and then answers -about biomedical options for individuals caught in the autism epidemic three decades ago. He grasped the subject with a biochemist's brain, a parent's heart, a determined hand, and the steady, literate help of his wife Chris. In your hand this book is a treasure of common sense and empowering clarification."


herbert Martha Herbert, M.D., Ph.D.

"Science has found many mechanisms whereby nutritional supplementation for autism spectrum and the health consequences of environmental insults can make a meaningful difference for people in need, and Dr. Pangborn has made a unique and valuable contribution by converting his decades of rich knowledge and chemical expertise into practical advice that empowers the reader to make informed, thoughtful choices."


Jill James, Ph.D.

"Dr. Pangborn has focused his wealth of personal experience and knowledge into a step-by-step 'how to' and 'how much' program for managing nutritional supplementation in the context of other environmental exposures. Parents will find this an invaluable resource for optimizing metabolic health in their children with autism."

ARI Research Updates: New Studies Point to Promising Areas for Medical Research
ARI is dedicated to developing a standard of care for people with autism spectrum disorders and their families, and we are continually  working toward that goal by funding, conducting, and monitoring research developments in the field. Some interesting recent findings:

American-Canadian collaborative study shows biomarker for abnormal energy metabolism in autistic patients that may result in potential blood test


Age-dependent Decrease and Alternative Splicing of Methionine Synthase mRNA in Human Cerebral Cortex and an Accelerated Decrease in Autism 


ARI has awarded more than $1.5 million in research grants since 2009. Grant recipients include Harvard/Mass General, Cleveland Clinic, UCLA, Arizona State University, UC Davis, and Columbia University. ARI also funds Tissue Banks for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at the University of Maryland and the Digestive Function Laboratory Repository at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston; a specimen bank for non-autistic individuals to provide proper comparison controls for researchers is in development. 

Our Thanks to Carnie Wilson for her $10k Win for ARI on Food Network's Celebrity Cook-Off
Carnie Wilson, former member of the Wilson Phillips group (and daughter of Beach Boys' singer/songwriter, Brian Wilson) won $10,000 for the Autism Research Institute earlier this month on the cable show Guy vs Rachel: Celebrity Cook-Off. The competition tested the celebrities to see who has the culinary chops to win the title of champion. We are grateful to Carnie for her generous support. Learn More
Planning Affordable Diets for Adults with ASD

E Laurion, Diets for Adults with ASD 

Last Wednesday, we experienced unexpected technical difficulties that affected the quality of our webinar presentation on Diets for ASD adults. 


We are grateful to our speaker Erika Laurion for her diligent efforts during the event and glad to report she has provided a high quality video recording of her presentation* to assure everyone has access to any information they missed. It is available now on ARI's free instant play channel. Watch now


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused. We have changed webinar service providers and do not anticipate future problems of this nature; if you were among those who experienced technical problems, we hope you will return for another event in the near future and are confident  you will have a better experience.

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