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August/September 2012 


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Fall 2012  

Orange County, CA Conference Oct. 11-14  

General, Science, Adult Services  & Practitioner Sessions 

Hyatt Regency OC



Win an iPad and see ARI's 'Stories in a Snapshot' at our Networking Party Saturday October 13th 



Spring 2013 Conference 
Baltimore, Maryland
April 11-14
Registration opens this November
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Time: 1 p.m. EDT (10 Pacific) Date: Sept. 12th
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Cost: Free 

It's Not That Complicated: Maps for Navigating the Path to Healing An efficient partnership between clinician and patients/parents is favored if they share a good mental map to find directions to answering two basic questions: a) What's the next step? and b) Have we done everything we can for this child? Allow me to present the simple principle and mental pictures that help me and my patients navigate the landscape where symptoms, lab tests, biochemistry, immunology, toxicology can intimidate the traveler seeking a path to efficient treatment options.

baker Dr. Sidney Baker is a former faculty member of Yale Medical School, where he received his medical and specialty training in pediatrics. He is former director of the Gesell Institute of Human Development. Dr. Baker's practice has gradually shifted from pediatrics and family medicine to treatment of adults and children with complex chronic illness. In private practice in Sag Harbor, NY, he is the author of Detoxification and Healing, Child Behavior (with Ilg and Ames), and We Band of Mothers: Autism, My Son & the Specific Carbohydrate Diet with Judith Chinitz; also, with Jon Pangborn, PhD, Autism: Effective Biomedical Treatments.
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From the Director:  

Hot summer days are (very) slowly coming to the end, and another school year is just about to begin. You may want to share Temple Grandin's article on teaching tips with your child's teacher Teaching Tips for ASD Children and Adults


I spent a good part of this month attending meetings and visiting research centers to learn first-hand about various research projects, as well as provide feedback. It is clear that the autism research community needs to better network and collaborate with one another to move the field forward, because we all want only the best for those on the autism spectrum.


As always, the Autism Research Institute will continue to keep the autism community up-to-date with the major findings in the field through our website (, hard copy science newsletter (the Autism Research Review International), e-newsletters (see below), biannual conferences, online support ListServ, and "Did you know?" series (posted daily on ARI's website and Facebook page).


On a final note, ARI was always proud to be the only national autism organization to receive a four-star rating from Charity Navigator; this is their highest rating, indicating that an extremely high percentage of every donor dollar goes directly to fund programs outlined by our mission statement, not to pay for fancy offices or extravagant expense accounts. A year ago, Charity Navigator changed their criteria and our status dropped. We are now happy to announce that we've regained our four-star rating. See ARI on Charity Navigator 


Steve Edelson, Ph.D., Executive Director

Autism Research Institute  

 Photo Contest 'Stories' Featured on ARI's Facebook Page and at Fall 2012 Conference
Meet Finalist, Tristan (from his Mom): "Our 11-year-old son Tristan's nickname is Helaku, 'Bright Sunshine.' Autism has allowed him to see the world differently from many of his peers. He has an innocence about him, which is timeless and leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets. Put him in a crowd at a festival and he will stop and show you the beauty of art with an outburst of humor. "

Earlier this summer we held a photo contest - the winners were announced last Monday and are now featured in our online gallery on the ARI Website. We are so grateful to everyone who participated - we received hundreds of submissions and we're sharing stories regularly on our Facebook page. We'll also be featuring the photos at our Saturday Networking Party at the ARI Fall Conference Oct. 11-14th at the Hyatt Regency Orange County (we will share this presentation online after the event for those who are unable to attend).  


Register now to see all the 'Stories' in person at the Fall ARI Conference Networking Party


Have a photo you'd like to share and didn't get to submit for the contest? Email it to us in .jpg format to:   

ARI Clinician Seminars Convene Trusted ASD Experts and New Faces, Perspectives Oct. 11-12  

cs2 An essential part of the ARI Conference is the Seminar Track we offer for licensed medical professionals. Clinicians won't want to miss this chance to reconnect with trusted, familiar friends, including Drs. Elizabeth Mumper and Martha Herbert, and new faces, like Drs. Ali Carine, Robert Hendren, and Maya Shetreat-Klein.   


ARI's curriculum continues to evolve with the research and draws new voices to the field by staying abreast of the latest findings while presenting comprehensive case studies.


We are grateful for the important role you play in serving the autism community; we know you value the importance of hearing evidence-based information without influence from for-profit entities. ARI is dedicated to the principles of its founder, Dr. Bernie Rimland, and alone among national autism conferences it does not accept corporate sponsorship.  


We look forward to seeing you in Garden Grove!  


Pictured presenters include (top to bottom): Martha Herbert, MD, PhD; Nancy O'Hara, M.D.; Ali Carine, D.O.; Robert Hendren, D.O.; Suruchi Chandra, M.D.


Book Early for Great Rates at the Fall Conference in Orange County, CA 

Book early to reserve your room for the special conference rate of $119 per night at the Hyatt Regency Orange County
We've brought back our popular "Buddy Pass" rates exclusively for a limited time.


Pre-register a group of two or more online to attend a General or Science track, then add as many friends as you'd like for the sessions they want, and you'll all save 25% on your registration.  



Note: 25% Discount does not apply to practitioner seminars, fees for continuing education credits, or special events. Discount is automatically applied at checkout when you register online.



We also offer a variety of financial support options including free attendance for volunteers on days they help, and Angel Fund discounts for those in financial need. Angel funds and volunteer options are limited and offered on a first-come/first-served basis. See Parent/Caregiver Rates for details.
We also have a limited number of volunteer slots for licensed health care providers in our demonstration room, teaching hands-on support in exchange for free admission and CME at the Saturday and Sunday Science sessions. Email our Demonstration Room Coordinator for more information.

Tissue Research Is 'Banking' on New Donations Following Freezer Malfunction 
Earlier this week, an article was published by the BBC in Great Britain about the impact on autism research caused by the freezer malfunction at Harvard University's Brain Bank.  

We at ARI were saddened by the news earlier this year that tissue samples from the Autism Tissue Program (ATP) had been destroyed. This unfortunate incident was devastating to the autism community and the science community as a whole. Still, research on brain tissue is important because it will help us understand which specific areas of the brain are affected by the disorder, likely providing needed information regarding both prevention and treatment. It must go on.


We truly hope parents will continue to consider donating their son's/daughter's tissue to an autism tissue bank after an untimely passing. This, of course, is an emotional and difficult decision. Discussing this issue with relatives and friends in advance may make such a decision easier in a time of great stress. Autism is often associated with pain and suffering, and the more we can learn about this condition, the better the quality of life for future generations.


Hope for Future Research 

hopeSince 2007, ARI has worked closely with scientists and clinicians throughout the country in an effort to find effective treatments for this devastating disorder. According to these experts, limited availability of tissue from children who suffer with autism is hampering research, because without actual tissue it is difficult to determine the basic biological causes of this disorder. Five years ago, this need prompted ARI to enter into a partnership with the Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders at the University of Maryland, under contract to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), to support tissue donations.


Creating Awareness & Funding Research That Makes a Difference: ARI's Million Dollar Puzzle Project  

puzzle piecesLaunch your Puzzle Piece campaign today to promote autism awareness in your community. The colorful pieces cost only a dollar, and all proceeds go to the Autism Research Institute. It's easy: we send you a kit with everything you need - you simply pass it around the office, take it to local stores, or sell pieces at meetings and events. Just about everyone will give a dollar to help this great work.    

Autism Puzzle Pieces have been distributed in 601 cities, and we have forwarded more than $140,000 to ARI!

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