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June 2011


In This Issue
ARI's Founder Honored by INSAR
Adult Issues the Focus of New ARI Videos
Events in the Community

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Fall 2011 Conference   

Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Seminars, General, Nutrition & Science Sessions
Las Vegas Hilton 

October 13-16 
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Spring 2012 Conference 

Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Seminars, General, Nutrition & Science Sessions
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April 26-29
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Welcome Exhibit Coordinator Nancy Herndon Cale


We are pleased to announce that Nancy Herndon Cale has accepted the position as ARI's Conference Exhibit Coordinator. Many of you have known Nancy for years, seeing her at the conference at the Unlocking Autism booth or online - Nancy is one of the most recognized members of the autism community on the Internet. She is dedicated to finding ways for children with developmental delays to unlock their potential and lead productive, fulfilling lives. From her home office, Nancy fields hundreds of calls and emails from families in need around the world every month, including counseling parents who call the ARI Call Center. She also supervises the UA Parent-to-Parent Network and State Representative projects and is the ARI Conference Outreach Coordinator.  


Interested in Exhibiting at the Fall Conference in Las Vegas? Email Nancy at:

Caregivers Urged to Register Loved Ones with NICHD


ARI is working closely with scientists and clinicians throughout the country in an effort to find effective treatments for this devastating disorder. According to these experts, limited availability of tissue from children who suffer with autism is hampering research, because without actual tissue it is difficult to determine the basic biological causes of this disorder. This need has prompted ARI to enter into a partnership with the Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders at the University of Maryland, under contract to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), to support tissue donations.


Anyone Can Be a Donor  Anyone, regardless of age, is invited to register as a tissue donor. Advance registration is important in that it supports the time-sensitive process of tissue recovery.

Even if a person is not registered in advance, tissue donation may still be possible by calling the toll free number below. 

To register: call us at the number below to request a packet or discuss any questions or concerns relating to tissue donation.

Tissue Bank:

University of Maryland 

Department of Pediatrics

655 West Baltimore St., 13-013 BRD

Baltimore, MD. 21201-1559

Toll free: 800-847-1539 / Ph.410-706-1755

Fx. 410-706-0038

Visit our website:
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From the Director:   

I hope all of you are doing well these days.  With summer just around the corner, let's hope that the weather system calms down--I wish for mostly sunny skies along with a cool and mild breeze. I hope I'm not asking for too much.   


As mentioned in our last e-newsletter, ARI is working with a family support group in Japan to collect donations to help families who are suffering from the devastating earthquake and tsunami.  CLICK HERE to donate and help relief efforts for Japanese families - In the field marked "Donation in Honor of," please type: "Families in Japan" - we can assure you that 100 percent of the monies donated to this cause will be dedicated to working with "5A Families" to provide help.


Within a week (or two), we will upload an Arabic version of the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC). Parents and professionals often evaluate a treatment by completing the ATEC before and after, as well as using it to monitor the overall progress of an individual over time.  You can read more about it, and also complete the ATEC (at no charge) at  Other translations of the ATEC include Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. To view the translated versions, see


Take care,

Steve Edelson, PhD 

Executive Director,

Autism Research Institute


INSAR Honors ARI's Founder at San Diego Conference

Gloria and Mark Rimland
Gloria and Mark Rimland

Bernard Rimland, Ph.D. founder and former director of the Autism Research Institute, and unparalleled autism pioneer, was honored posthumously last month for his contributions by the International Society for Autism Research.  At the presentation ceremony, Dr. Steve Edelson first spoke on behalf of Dr. Rimland, and then a video was shown marking many of Dr. Rimland's accomplishments. 

Adult Issues the Focus of New Videos at

Model for Medical Advocacy: An Adult with ASD Shares Her Strategies features Sondra Williams, an adult on the autism spectrum

A series of seven videos is being uploaded to ARI's website over the next several weeks.  Many of the videos focus on adult issues, such as housing, employment, transitioning, law enforcement, and biomedical problems. 


The first in the series - Model for Medical Advocacy: An Adult with ASD Shares Her Strategies - is available now on ARI's website. It features Sondra Williams, an adult on the spectrum, preparing herself for surgery by creating an informative document about herself to share with her doctors; Williams shares the process as she addresses issues including communication, sensory processing, social and physical limitations, and a list of her medications.

Sell Puzzle Pieces to Support Research that Makes a Difference


We have crossed another goal marker on our way to that MILLION Dollar Puzzle!  Total donations forwarded to the Autism Research Institute as of May 23, 2011 is (drum roll...) $125,613.55!


Remember this is an ALL-VOLUNTEER effort and every penny of every dollar raised goes directly to the Autism Research Institute.  


Lynda Huggins,

Parent & Chairman

Million Dollar Puzzle for Autism Research


Helping Henry: Another Puzzle Piece Success Story 

Henry has made great strides using a combined medical & therapeutic approach thanks to information from ARI's parent effectiveness survey results 

We decided to participate in the Million Dollar Puzzle Piece Challenge because we wanted to give back to the community that has provided us with so much support.  Our son Henry is almost 2 1/2 years old now, and by all outward accounts he is a just a healthy, cheerful and affectionate little boy! But when he was 12 months old we learned that he was showing all of the red flags for autism.  He had no eye contact, did not respond to our voices or to his name, did not imitate sounds or facial expressions, he had no gestures and he did not point.  He also had an extreme fixation on spoons and sticks which he would hold for days at a time.  He had signs of sensory processing disorder and could not sleep for more than 45 minutes in a stretch.  He also had daily episodes of intense and inconsolable screaming.


We started early intervention therapy for him at that time, but we also came across ARI's parent survey on the effectiveness of interventions in autism.  Based on the ARI survey results we decided to start dietary intervention for him at 13 months and we saw huge gains at that time.  Next we joined our local TACA chapter and asked around in order to find a doctor who could help us with biomedical treatment.  We had our first appointment with our incredible doctor at 15 months, and over the next year Henry has made a full recovery!  He no longer qualifies for any level of autism diagnosis, and his language and social skills are now above age level.  His only remaining delay is with some subtleties of eye contact, but we continue to see improvement daily with the help of an excellent therapist.  Henry is so much healthier and stronger physically, and he is no longer in pain. He still needs to follow a very restrictive diet in order to feel well and he continues to require treatment for several underlying medical issues, but we could not be more thankful for the life that he has and the life that we have with him today.  


As a researcher myself, I am extremely impressed with ARI as an organization.  ARI has been absolutely instrumental in the development of treatment approaches that are helping kids with autism.  ARI has an extensive history of supporting and conducting cutting-edge scientific research into the treatment and prevention of autism as a whole-body medical disorder, rather than a purely psychological or neurological disorder.  We credit ARI with playing a huge role in our son Henry's dramatic recovery.  


Thank you ARI!  We are so happy to have been able to do our part to contribute to this important research, and we will continue to participate in any way that we can.


Angie Hugeback
Seattle, Washington 


Events in the Community ...

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Fall 2011 ARI Conference 

DATES: Oct. 13-16

Follow the latest science on evidence-based medical treatments for ASD. Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Seminars,
Parent, Diet, Adult, & Science Sessions


More about ARI Conferences

Book your hotel room now for just $95 per night 



UK Autism/Asperger's Workshop focuses on Medical, Nutritional & Dietary Challenges and Treatments


Two great locations for parents, professionals and people on the spectrum: 

  • London 16, July 2011
  • Sunderland 23, July 2011

Price: 75.00, 60.00 2nd person


Join Prof. James Adams, director of Arizona State University's Autism/Asperger's Research Program, for this one-day workshop, offering updates on causation, seizures, and effective medical and nutritional support.


Conference Schedule 

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