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June 2009


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Million $ Puzzle Piece Update
Spring Conference '09 Online
ARI in Oklahoma June 13-14
Autism: Believe in the Future
UK Prime Minister to Meet with 'Autism Mom'
ARI Call Center: en Español


2009 ARI/Defeat Autism Now! Conferences
Registration is Open!
ARI/Defeat Autism Now! Regional Conference
June 13 - 14, 2009
Oklahoma City, OK

ARI/Defeat Autism Now! Regional Conference
Sep. 12 - 13, 2009 St Paul, MN

Fall ARI/Defeat Autism Now! Conference
Oct 8 - 12, Dallas, TX

buddy pass FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR OKLAHOMA CITY Regional Conference - Offer ends Wednesday, June 10th!

Thanks to a generous donor, we are pleased to offer discounted Buddy Passes exclusively to attendees who pre-register online. Sign up for both conference days  - as either a caregiver or healthcare professional - and you can invite a spouse, colleague, family member, or friend to join you for just $25 more. 
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Pledge to pay monthly with your credit card or by automatic withdrawal from your bank account, and we'll take care of it for you through our secure merchant account. 
puzzle pieces
Join our Million Dollar Puzzle Piece Campaign
Now's the perfect time to order your free Puzzle Piece kits and launch an autism awareness campaign in your community. When we raise the funding necessary, ARI will see that important research is done, including the large-scale, independent study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children
Update from Organizer Lynda Huggins:
Sandy Stozen, mom to Tyler age 14, first contacted me in February to request three packets (150 puzzle pieces).  Evidently she told others at Liberty School about the project and in March requested an additional 10 packets (500 puzzle pieces) for a school- wide project!  In this school of about 550, there are eight children on the spectrum and four staff members who have children with autism. 
In a one-day campaign entitled "Liberty Bands Together for Autism Research" a fourth-grade class raised almost $1500!  All together the school raised $2,077.95.  Sandy provided "Tyvek" wristbands for any student who made a donation of any amount.  They also got great coverage in the local newspaper, the Orland Park Prairie - which surely further increased autism awareness. 
Sandy sent me the newspaper clipping which featured pictures of the classes and kids distributing the puzzle pieces.  She also sent several pictures of the hundreds of puzzle pieces decorating the hall of the school.  They did indeed look awesome! 
What a fantastic effort by these kids and this school.

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From the Director:  

dr. edelson The start of summer is just around the corner, and ARI's staff and I are working on several groundbreaking initiatives and projects. Stay tuned!
Much happened in the autism community during April's Autism Awareness month, and the excitement spilled over into May.  Autism One held its annual conference in Chicago, and I congratulate Teri and Ed Arranga for organizing a fabulous event.  During the conference, I was honored to attend the opening ceremony of the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy. While we're on the topic of Autism One, they just premiered an amazing new website - to view it, go to and click AutismOne Social Network.
I would also like to applaud and cheer the magnificent efforts of Polly Tommey in the United Kingdom. She will be meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown next week (see story below). Polly is a supporter of ARI, and her energy and willpower are clearly making a difference.  Polly, the autism community is watching! 
ARI does not now have a PR person to communicate with the media.  If you have a background in this area and would like to volunteer your services, please contact Matt Kabler at   
Our next event is an ARI/Defeat Autism Now! Conference scheduled for Oklahoma City on June 13 and 14. This is our first conference in Oklahoma City, and we are looking forward to the Midwestern hospitality and atmosphere.
On a personal note: I congratulate my niece, Rosemary Dorman, on her upcoming graduation from high school, and my daughter, Micaela, on her upcoming graduation from middle school.

Best Regards,
Steve Edelson, Ph.D.
Spring 2009 Defeat Autism Now! Conference Presentations Now Online  

At the Autism Research Institute, we are committed to free access to the latest information about evidence-based treatments for autism. 
We are pleased to announce that our latest event - the Spring 2009 ARI/Defeat Autism Now! Conference - is now streaming online in Flash format. We'll add files formatted in Mp3, Quicktime, and Podcast formats over the next couple of weeks.   
View Spring 2009 Defeat Autism Now! Webcast in Flash Format
This convenient service allows anyone in the world to view up-to-date information for free. Tune in today to view or listen to scientific talks, presentations, and panels by top experts from around the world.
We rely on the generosity of our donors to make this possible, and we hope you'll help support this service.
Events in the Community ...  

okcRegional ARI/Defeat Autism Now! Conference
June 13-14, Oklahoma City

norman hotelJoin us this June in Oklahoma to network with parents and clinicians using the ARI/Defeat Autism Now! approach. Licensed medical providers can earn CME credits attending our Introductory Workshop while exploring the latest research and treatment findings. Caregivers will also receive hands-on support for taking the biomedical approach home.
$25 Buddy Passes are available online through Wednesday, June 10th - add a friend for a great price.
Book your room by this Friday, June 5th and you'll pay just $109 per night. Call Embassy Suites: 800-362-2779 and use the discount code: DAN.
Speakers include:
  • Elizabeth Mumper, M.D., FAAP
  • Bryan Jepson, M.D.
  • Dan Rossignol, M.D., FAAFP
  • Doreen Granpeesheh, Ph.D.
  • Julie Matthews, CNC
  • Paul Lucas Ramirez, FNP-C
Learn more
jepsonASA 2009 National Conference
July 22-25 at the Pheasant Run Resort and Spa in St. Charles, IL
Close to 2,000 professionals, educators, parents and exhibitors from around the U.S. and other countries will participate in the 2009 ASA National Conference.
ASA offers continuing-ed credits for:
-Behaviorists (BCBA credits)
-Hearing & Speech Professionals (ASHA)
-Educators (Certificates of Attendance)

Learn More

Back-to-School Autism/Asperger's Conference
Aug. 14-15 at the Pasadena Convention Center

back-to-schoolThis conference will provide a condensed version of the ARI/Defeat Autism Now! treatment guidelines,* updated to include the latest research and clinical experiences. The "Mini-DAN!" set for Sunday, Aug. 16th comes at the conclusion of the 4th Annual "Back to School" Autism/ Asperger's event featuring more than 30 leading experts including keynotes Temple Grandin, Eustacia Cutler (Mother of Temple Grandin), and Cathy Pratt.
General Conference: Aug. 14-15
"Mini-DAN!": Aug. 16

300 E. Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101
Learn more:
Coming Soon: Autism: Believe in the Future, HOW
By Ann Millan
millanWhen Robin was 28 years old, I thought she'd reached her full potential.  She could express basic needs to her family, and she was appropriate in public most of the time.  She even had a job bagging groceries, with her dad as her job coach.  On the flip side of this, she spent most of her time at home in her bedroom.  Angry, stomping her feet, slamming doors, exaggerating her hand movements, or just mental spaciness were her norm.  We learned to tiptoe around her because she could switch in an instant.  Admittedly, she was exhausting.   
On Mother's Day, 1999, there was a one-day conference in Orlando, on biological treatments.  (This was my Mother's Day present.)  Andrew Wakefield, MB BS, Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., Jeff Bradstreet, M.D., Lisa Lewis, Ph.D., and many others spoke.  We watched and listened as Dr. Wakefield talked about toxicity of metals, about chemical sensitivity in children, and Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Parents and doctors filled the audience. But they were talking about children-- Robin was 28 years old!
I turned to her during the conference and said, "Do you want to go on a diet and try to get your driver's license?"  I was always goal-oriented, and it was the most ambitious thing I could think of.  Robin said, "Yes."  A driver's license--Bob thought I was crazy!  I just wanted to put the wind in her sails with clear thinking, consistent behaviors, and motivation.   I'd do anything . . .
I made an appointment with a doctor who used the ARI/Defeat Autism Now! approach.  He asked me to put Robin on the gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet before our initial appointment.  

After two weeks on the diet (no added vitamins or supplements) my other daughter Pam's family came for a visit.  We took all the buckets and headed for Clearwater Beach.  Robin usually just walked around appearing socially acceptable, yet not relating to anyone.  We suddenly realized that Robin was in the middle of Pam's kids, playing.  This was the very first time Robin played with anybody, much less initiated it.  I took pictures of this event, and a framed, enlarged copy, hangs on our bedroom wall. Remember, Robin was 28 years old.
Next, her doctor started Robin on a hormone, secretin, and vitamin supplements, including B-6.  Later he added glutathione, and it made a big difference, as well as methyl B-12.  He became the manager of Robin's autism treatment plan.  He recommended speech-language therapy. 
Oh, our vision had been so small.  Within two years, Robin had her driver's license, her guardianship rights were restored, she was promoted to cashier at Publix supermarket, and she had her own condominium.  Two years ago, she started a second job as a membership receptionist at the YMCA.  She has a social life, sings in her church choir, and currently has her first real boyfriend.  She has a lot of energy.
Robin has been on the ARI/Defeat Autism Now! protocol for ten years now. She realizes the GF/CF diet, along with vitamins and supplements, plays a critical role in controlling her autism force.  On the plan, she is very energetic and motivated, and she benefits from language therapy.  She also has clear thinking with consistent behaviors.  Off the plan, she is anxious or spacey, and can switch to angry and frustrated in an instant.
Robin was recently in a local play with friends.  I went to dress rehearsal and was sitting with another mother.  I jokingly commented, "I think I'd better cut out some of Robin's vitamins," because she was giving others their missed cues.  The other mother said, "My son needs those vitamins, what's she on?"
Thank you ARI/Defeat Autism Now! for all that you do.

Ann Millan is the mother of three girls; Robin is the youngest.  Ann's new book, Autism--Believe in the Future, HOW is coming out soon.
tommeyBritish Billboard Blitz Earns Autism File Editor Face-time with Prime Minister
Strategy aims to elevate the autism issue and defuse UK's taboo

Polly Tommey, the visionary 'autism mom,' Autism Trust founder, and Editor-in-Chief of The Autism File magazine has scored a major PR coup in the UK with an unconventional autism awareness campaign.  
The attention-getting billboards, which earned her a June 15th meeting with the Prime Minister, were especially notable in that nowhere on the billboard is the word autism even mentioned.
The 76 billboards displayed all over London show three different hand-written "friendly" notes from Polly to Gordon Brown:  "I can save you 508 million (pounds) a year,"  "I can help you get people back to work," and "I can help you cut the divorce rate."  The brief message is followed by a phone number and cordially signed, "Many Thanks, Polly Tommey." 
However, the superficial pleasantries belie the fierce advocacy and immense frustration of not only Ms. Tommey personally, but also the frustration of the entire community of autism families who are currently being ignored by the system. In her upcoming meeting with Prime Minister Brown, Ms. Tommey hopes to convey the urgency of the situation and the devastating emotional fallout and financial ramifications from the government's continued inaction.
As Polly writes in the Autism Trust press release, "Autism has become a taboo subject here in the UK. It affects over half a million people and yet our government and political leaders appear to disregard the often overwhelming stress and demands faced by families of those with autism."  
Her meeting with the Prime Minister is a tremendous accomplishment, but for Polly, it's only the first step. She told the ARI e-newsletter, "I am not going to stop until our government places autism higher on the political agenda. Too many families are at breaking-point, unable to get basic support and resources for their children with autism. We have lost too many to suicide - this has to stop. " 
Polly Tommey will meet with Prime Minister Gordon Brown on June 15th. Extensive media follow-up will begin June 16.   
Read More 
ARI ofrece nueva linea de apoyo en Español
(ARI offers new toll-free Spanish-speaking support line)

Con frecuencia escuchamos: "He oído algunas cosas sobre la dieta y tratamientos biomédicos pero no sabia a donde llamar. Desearía haberla encontrado antes y haber ayudado a mi hijo".
ARI ofrece ahora una línea telefónica gratuita bajo la dirección de Kerri Rivera, madre de Patrick - ASD de 8 años, y directora de la clinica/hospital Autism02 .

Llaman reciben información, contactos y acceso a los recursos disponibles a través del Instituto de Investigación de Autismo (ARI).

Los padres y los cuidadores son animados a llamar para obtener más información de ARI y más allá. Todo con el objetivo de ayudar a los padres ¡Derrota al Autismo Ahora! (DAN!)

Centro de llamadas de Autismo ARI: 877-644-1184 ext. 5