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December 2008

Logo July 2008

In This Issue
ARI-Funded Study Finds Support for Mercury Hypothesis
Plan a Puzzle Piece Campaign for Autism Awareness Month 2009
Events in the Community
Help Build Bernie's Wall Against Autism


Spring 2009 Defeat Autism Now! Conference
April 16-19
Atlanta, GA
Defeat Autism Now! Mini-conference
June 13 - 14, 2009
Oklahoma City, OK

Level I Clinician Seminar at Autism One
May 21-22, 2009

Fall 2009 Defeat Autism Now! Conference
Oct 8-11, Dallas, TX
Outreach Continues
Winter events scheduled
ARI's Wyoming Rural-Outreach Coordinators Judi Moore and Christy Garner of Casper are on the move in December and January, to share information about using a combined educational and biomedical approach to treat autism.
Friday, Dec. 12
Scottish Rite Building
330 W. Mtn. View Dr. 
(307) 672-2763
Friday, Jan. 16
222 E 4th Ave
(307) 885-3854
Time to be announced

If you live in a rural area and are interested in ARI's outreach program, email ARI
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Defeat Autism Now! Webcasts
Streaming Online

Videos from past Defeat Autism Now! Conferences are available every day, year-round, online. This convenient video-streaming service allows anyone to view conference presentations for free.
We rely on the generosity of our donors to make this possible, and if you enjoy the presentations, we hope you'll help support this service.

Go to Webcasts
Caregivers Urged to Register Loved Ones
Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders and ARI Provide Ongoing Registration to Advance ASD Research  
To register: call 1-800-847-1539 (or 1-410-706-1755 from outside the continental US) to request a packet or discuss any questions or concerns relating to tissue donation.
How to help spread the word: Contact the NICHD Tissue Bank:
University of Maryland
Department of Pediatrics
655 West Baltimore St., 13-013 BRD
Baltimore, MD. 21201-1559
Toll free 800-847-1539
Ph. 410-706-1755
Fx. 410-706-0038

E-mail NICHD
NICHD website
ARI proudly co-sponsors Age of Autism
"We'll follow the truth wherever it leads, and we hope you'll come along with us and, if you can manage it, donate to The Age of Autism and help us pursue this story. Fasten your seat belts - it's going to be a bumpy ride."
- Dan Olmsted, Editor, Age of Autism
Age of Autism welcomes relevant submissions that are appropriate for its readers.
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Medigenesis: A New Beginning in Medicine

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About the ARI E-Newsletter:
This newsletter is compiled, written, and edited by ARI parents, and we welcome your input. If you have questions you would like answered, a story you would like to submit, or an idea for something you would like to see discussed or explained, please contact us.
Contributing Editor:
Jane Johnson
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Denise Fulton
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ARI maintains a toll-free line with information, contacts, and access to resources available through the Autism Research Institute. Call: 866.366.3361  
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From the Director:
The year end is a time for reflection, and my thoughts turn to my dear friend, ARI's Founder, Dr. Bernard Rimland. This year was an exciting time in ARI's history, and I know he is smiling down on us as we continue to spread the crucial message around the world that autism is treatable.
It is our privilege to support, educate and connect families living with autism, and our mission remains clear: progress has been made on evidence-based support for effective treatments, but there is still much work to be done.
Too many families experience delayed diagnosis; we need more clinical trials for effective treatments, and the triggers of autism - we must draw attention to treatment in order to promote research that changes the course of autism for individuals living with it today.

Funds raised in 2008 will help ARI continue its successful programs and strengthen our advocacy on behalf of families living with autism: as before, our Defeat Autism Now! conferences and clinician seminars - offered in the US and abroad - will reach healthcare providers from around the globe; our research studies will search for answers about both the triggers and the treatments; our Defeat Autism Now! webcasts, podcasts, and audio files will keep streaming to ensure anyone can "attend" a conference; our web site will offer treatment ratings and data collection tools to ensure caregivers have the very latest information; and we will continue to provide outreach to healthcare providers and researchers everywhere as they request information about effective treatments.
Dr. Rimland held that while caregivers raise millions for autism research, they have little say about where it's focused. The best gifts - like a $40,000 contribution provided in October by Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) to the Autism Collaboration's Parents as Partners Research Initiative - unite stakeholders and scientists in the best interest of the autism community, probing promising areas for treating this disease.

Thank you for your support, and for celebrating more than 40 years of hope and success. As we head into a new year, ARI's team remains committed to building lasting relationships, providing information, and working both in the community and at the international level to ensure the world knows this: that autism is treatable. Please support us by making a tax-deductible donation online, by mail, or through gifting options.

We wish you all the best in 2009!

Steve Edelson, Ph.D.
Director, Autism Research Institute
Give the Gift of Research that Makes A Difference for Individuals Living with Autism
ARI's work relies on charitable contributions from concerned individuals and organizations. We are proud to be the only national autism non-profit to receive Four Stars (highest possible) from Charity Navigator for sound fiscal management. All donations are tax deductible; ARI is a 501(c)(3) organization, Fed ID No. 95-2548452.
Findings in ARI-Funded Study Support Hypothesis for A Link Between Mercury and Autism
A study that ARI helped fund, "Biomarkers of Environmental Toxicity and Susceptibility in Autism," (citation below) has added more evidence in confirming the long-suspected link between mercury and autism.
The study is hailed as landmark research on several counts:
  • It shows a direct relationship between the severity of the autistic symptoms and the levels of urinary porphyrins associated with mercury intoxication.
  • Similarly, a direct relationship is demonstrated between mercury intoxication and glutathione levels (specifically, increased levels of oxidized glutathione (GSSG), and decreased plasma levels of reduced glutathione (GSH).
  • In more general terms, the study, published in the "Journal of Neurological Sciences," provides scientific evidence of the effects of mercury intoxication on those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), as compared with the control group. 

Studies such as this are immensely gratifying to ARI, which has always supported research that is directly relevant to the lives of families living with autism.

This particular study has tremendous practical value - not only for parents who may be considering chelation for their child - but also for physicians who may have been previously dismissive toward chelation.
It is only through science that ignorance is overcome. 
David A. Geier, Janet K. Kern, Carolyn R. Garver, James B. Adams, Tapan Audhya, Robert Nataf, Mark R. Geier. "Biomarkers of environmental toxicity and susceptibility in autism." Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 21 May 2008.  
Additional funding for this study was provided by the non-profit CoMeD, Inc., and by the non-profit Institute of Chronic Illnesses, Inc. through a grant from the Brenen Hornstein Autism Research & Education (BHARE) Foundation.
Northwest Autism Studies Continue Enrollment into 2009
Support and/or funding for these and other studies is provided by ARI:
Sibling Studies Using Probiotics and Vitamin D
Who: Gene Stubbs, MD PC, Independent Contractor, and Kathy Henley. Call 503-351-9255 (Kathy) for more information.  
What: Study participation opportunity for two studies on families in the Portland, OR area who have at least one child with autism. Seeking 40 families per study.
1) Study of the use of probiotics (supplements that adjust the GI tract) to prevent occurrence of autism in newborn siblings.   
2) Study of the use of vitamin D to prevent autism in newborn siblings. 
Where: Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington metro areas
When: Enrolling now
Urinary Porphyrins Study Continues in the Puget Sound Region of Washington State
Who: Chief Investigator James S. Woods, Ph.D., Professor, DABT Director, Toxicology Program Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of Washington.
What: Study to determine whether or not children with autism have higher urine porphyrin levels than other children of the same age. Parents and/or caregivers are requested to provide urine samples from both autistic and non-autistic children ages 2-12 years.

Compensation: Porphyrin assay results will be provided for free to caregivers of all participants via e-mail at a future date.
Puget Sound region of Washington state (vials must be picked up and returned to coordinators in person)
  • Seattle area - enroll and submit vials:
    Jason Allen ND, MPH Study Co-Investigator
    Seattle Integrative Medicine
    5322 Roosevelt Way NE
    Seattle, 98105
    Call ahead to set up a brief appointment: 206-525-8012
  • South Sound - enroll and submit vials: 
    Denise Fulton Study Coordinator
    Enroll: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Dec. 20, 2008, Jan. 17 & Feb 21, 2009 - Table offered outside next three meetings of the Western Washington Chapter of Talk About Curing Autism - S. Campus Bates Technical College, 2201 S 78th St. in Tacoma 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this particular study, individual samples are not being submitted by mail - hand-off in person is required. We apologize if you receive this message and are unable to participate due to this requirement. 

When: Enrolling through Feb. 28, 2009
Funding for the Urinary Porphyrins study is also provided by the National Institutes of Health and the Wallace Foundation 
Plan ahead for Autism Awareness Month 
Order your Puzzle Pieces Now to Support ARI

puzzle piecesTo create awareness about autism, April is designated as National Autism Awareness Month. We hope you will take this special opportunity to educate the public about autism and issues within the autism community by joining our million-dollar puzzle piece campaign. 
Start Your Puzzle Piece Campaign
Request puzzle pieces online and the Puzzle Piece Project committee will send you packets of 50 and give you the return information as well as a poster to display with the puzzle pieces, and a letter to present to business owners. Let's put these puzzle pieces across the entire US and support the research we all want and need.
Autism Puzzle Pieces Distributed:
2,176 packets = 111,950 puzzle pieces 
Locations: 43 states, Singapore, and two locations in Canada (324 cities).
We are not yet in Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah, or Wyoming.
Events in the Community ...  
Anaheim Autism/Asperger Conference Set for February 
This is a comprehensive autism conference offering practical information for children and adults of all ages and abilities. It features more than 20 great speakers, including separate tracks on Biomedical, Behavior, Speech/Social, Yoga, Family/Life, Sensory Integration, and Teaching.
Saturday & Sunday Feb. 14-15
Anaheim Convention Center (3rd floor) 800 W. Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA, 92802
Learn more & Register Online:
Organized by:
Autism Conferences of America in collaboration with:
  • Arizona State University - Autism/Asperger's Research Program
  • Autism Research Institute
  • Autism Society of California
  • Kirkman
  • TACA (Talk About Curing Autism)


Treating Autism Sets 2nd International Biomedical Conference for March 12-14 in Bournemouth, UK 
Treating AutismThe 2009 conference will be the biggest autism-specific biomedical conference the UK has ever seen. With a host of expert speakers from across the globe -- as well as from here in the UK -- the Treating Autism team is thrilled to announce its first six confirmed speakers - Bryan Jepson, MD, Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, Professor Boyd Haley, Dr. T Michael Culp, and Karen DeFelice. Latest news is that Dr. Andy Wakefield will be Guest of Honour, speaking at the Treating Ourselves event on the 13th of March.

The Treating Autism Team is also proud to confirm Sandy and Tim Collins as speakers. This UK family has now officially recovered their son Eddie from autism, and they will be telling delegates how they did it.
Edgeware Gallery Features Mark Rimland's "Cats" for the Holidays 
catsEdgeware Gallery is pleased to announce a cat-themed Christmas exhibition on December 13,14,21, and 22.
The artistic portion of the program will feature the artwork from The Secret Night World of Cats illustrated by Mark Rimland. 

And for feline lovers, the San Diego Humane Society will be at the Gallery on December 13th with Phoebe, Henrietta and Roger - three beautiful cats who are looking for a loving home in which to spend Christmas.

Edgeware Gallery is run under the auspices of the Autism Research Institute, and all monies raised from the sale of artwork will be used to fund biomedical research. This research, in turn, helps families living with autism improve the quality of their children's lives. 

Mark Rimland is both the featured artist in this exhibition and a permanent artist at Edgeware. Mark is the son of ARI founder Dr. Bernard Rimland, and is on the autism spectrum himself. He will be available for a book signing on December 13th during the Kensington tree-lighting ceremony (which Mayor Jerry Sanders will attend), and will be available to autograph purchases of artwork on other days as well.
So please come and join us for this festive celebration, and when you leave you can take home not only striking cat artwork, but you can also take home an actual cat, if you choose.
  • 3 to 9 p.m. Sat. Dec. 13th (During the Kensington neighborhood tree-lighting celebration)
  • Noon to 5 p.m. Sun. Dec. 14th
  • Noon to 4 p.m. Sun. Dec. 21st
  • Noon to 5 p.m. Mon. Dec. 22nd 
4186 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92116; there's ample street parking. 
Map to the Edgeware Gallery

Proceeds from the sale of artwork will fund research to develop and validate effective treatment for people on the autism spectrum. So come for a fun day, and take home an original painting, a book or a print, all of which will help fund biomedical research. 
snwcAbout The Secret Night World of Cats
This beautifully illustrated and engaging fictional story tells the story of a young girl named Amanda, who begins to search for her missing cat, who has disappeared into the night. As Amanda searches her neighborhood and beyond to find her beloved friend, she discovers a secret night world where hundreds of cats abound. This wonderful book is a collaboration between the author, Helen Landalf, and the illustrator, Mark Rimland, who is the author's brother and an adult with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). (now in paperback)

Purchase The Secret Night World of Cats online
Bernie's Wall 
For just $50, you can buy a personalized brick to honor a loved one and help pave the way to a brighter future for families living with autism. These bricks will used to build both a memorial wall in remembrance of Dr. Bernie Rimland and a Walkway of Hope honoring the countless children and families facing autism every day.
Proceeds from the bricks will support The Autism Recovery Research Initiative and The RIMLAND Center.
Project sponsored by:
  • The Autism Research Institute
  • Autism One
  • National Autism Association
  • The RIMLAND Center
  • SafeMinds
  • Unlocking Autism
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