July 2007
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Defeat Autism Now! Events and Resources
OCALI Conference Offers Unique Training Opportunities
Parents Urged to Call White House About Vaccine Mercury
NMT Research Institute Seeks Study Participants
Rimland Center to Open This Fall
Cruise for the Cause: Parents Strive to Raise Funds For Research
Defeat Autism Now! Resources  
Upcoming Events
University of Arkansas Little, Rock Sept. 22nd
Defeat Autism Now! 2007 Fall Conference Garden Grove, California, Oct. 11-15
OCALI Conference set July 30-Aug 1
The Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence offers a unique conference in Columbus, Ohio later this month to address the needs of complex learners with autism and sensory impairments.
Sessions will provide an overview of co-occurring disabilities, definitions, characteristics as well as assessment and evaluation processes and evidence-based practices. In addition, a team-based comprehensive planning process to support students across settings will be provided.
The Crowne Plaza Columbus North
(formerly The Columbus Marriott North) 6500 Doubletree Ave., Columbus, OH 43229
Parents, Professionals, and School Teams are encouraged to register.
Bush Set to Veto Bill Removing Vaccine Mercury
Parents urged to Contact White House
Washington, DC - According to the Congressional Quarterly, the White House stated July 17th that President Bush would veto the HHS-Labor-Education Appropriations Bill because of the cost and "objectionable provisions" such as a measure to ban the use of childhood flu vaccines that contain thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative.
Autism advocacy groups are outraged because President Bush stated in a questionnaire during his 2004 campaign: "I support the removal of Thimerosal from vaccines on the childhood national vaccine schedule.  During a second term as President, I will continue to support increased funding to support a wide variety of research initiatives aimed at seeking definitive causes and/or triggers of autism.  It is important to note that while there are many possible theories about causes or triggers of autism, no one material as been definitely included or excluded."
But since 2005, President Bush has steadfastly refused to issue an Executive Order banning high amounts of mercury in
vaccines that would protect children and pregnant women despite repeated requests from the autism community that he uphold his campaign promise.  Under his current dministration, mercury has been and will continue to be knowingly injected into the youngest of American citizens. The controversial mercury-containing preservative thimerosal has been linked by thousands of parents as being the cause of their children's mercury poisoning and autism.
The flu vaccine which continues to be manufactured with mercury is recommended for all pregnant women, infants and children despite the fact that the Institute of Medicine in 2001 recommended against the policy of exposing these same sensitive groups to thimerosal containing vaccines. According to the EPA, one in every six women of childbearing age already has blood levels of mercury high enough to cause neurological damage to their unborn children due to environmental exposures alone.
"Injecting even more mercury into the bodies of pregnant women, infants and children when it is not a necessary component of vaccines is just bad medicine," said Lyn Redwood, president of SafeMinds and parent of a mercury-injured child. "It defies logic that a flu vaccine must be disposed of as a hazardous waste if it is not used, but somehow injecting the same mercury-containing vaccine into a baby is safe."
ARI Encourages Parents to Contact the White House
Please call the White House and tell them not to veto the House Labor HHS Bill which contains provisions to protect children
from mercury in vaccines.  Demand that President Bush uphold his campaign promises!
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Greetings From the Road
Steve Edelson
July has been an exciting month for us. ARI was honored by the Autism Society of America (ASA) at their Evening of Champions dinner at their national conference in Phoenix. The next day I was installed as an ASA Board Member.
After the ASA conference, I began driving to the Midwest to start my research project to document recovered and near-recovered autistic children. You can read more about this project at www.autism.com/roadtrip. While in Austin, Texas last week, I had a chance to visit Thoughtful House, CARD and HALO. What wonderful places!
This month we have also posted webcasts from the Spring Defeat Autism Now! Conference and added many new translated papers to www.AutismTranslations.com
I hope you are all enjoying the summer of '07.
Steve Edelson, Ph.D.
Director, Autism Research Institute
NMT Study Seeks Participants 
ARI-supported study provides free sessions of non-invasive therapy

The NeuroModulation Technique Research Institute is currently recruiting children ages 5-10 with a diagnosis of autism in 24 cities in the United States, Canada and Mexico to participate in a study to determine if NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is effective in reducing maladaptive behaviors and increasing adaptive behaviors in children diagnosed with autism.
This research is partially funded with a grant from ARI.
Participants must have had a formal diagnosis of autism for at least one year and meet other eligibility criteria. Children accepted into the study will receive 12 sessions of NMT, twice a week for six weeks. All assessments and treatments will be provided at no cost to participants. NMT is a safe, gentle and non-invasive therapy that has been used to improve functioning in a variety of areas.
Complete study information
If you know parents who may be interested in having their child
participate in this study, please pass this announcement on to them.
Coming Soon: The Rimland Center
Dr. Rimland's Vision Lives on in Planned State-of-the-Art Autism Treatment Facility Planned for Fall 2007
Dr. Elizabeth Mumper
The dreams of many parents and families affected by autism are about to come true. Those living with autism today, those just getting diagnosed, and those that will be diagnosed in the future will now have available to them, what in the past could only be imagined in your dreams. 
r. Elizabeth Mumper, with a loving desire to honor our hero and mentor, Dr. Rimland, has brought to fruition all our greatest dreams; opening their doors in the fall of 2007: The Rimland Center.
Dr. Mumper asks that you imagine an autism-focused health center, located in the heart of a small Southern city full of hospitality and charm, where patients, families, and interested medical professionals can receive the individual care and education they so desperately need. Far more than just a doctor's office, The Rimland Center will include not only exam rooms and lab equipment but also a state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen therapy center and a demonstration kitchen where families and doctors can learn first-hand how to implement the diets-gluten-free, casein-free, special carbohydrate-that have the potential to change their children's lives. The Rimland Center will be a one-stop destination for hard-to-find biomedical information and services.
Imagine a doctor's office where, instead of an impersonal and anxiety-producing waiting room, patients and families enter a skylit room with brick walls, bistro tables, comfortable chairs and sofas, and an audio system playing soothing music and nature sounds. While they wait, children will be able to enjoy the adjacent playroom, which also serves as an arena assessment area for physical therapists, occupational therapists and others. Plasma TVs will bring to life educational videos, making the most out of the time between assessments and hyperbaric sessions.
Imagine, above all, a truly welcoming place for families and healthcare professionals. Located in a picturesque and secluded spot right off a main road and within walking distance of a grocery store, laundromat, and several family restaurants. The 1.8 acre Rimland Complex, located in Lynchburg, Virginia, will be just a short car ride away from such family-friendly diversions as three movie theatres, a bowling alley, a shopping mall, city parks, and even a children's museum. The new building is just over 5,300 square feet, and Dr. Mumper envisions utilizing one side as a spacious medical center office space and the other as a unique family center.
Mentoring Clinicians in the Defeat Autism Now! Approach
The new mentoring center will be international in scope, bringing the Defeat Autism Now! biomedical approach-autism is treatable, recovery is possible-to clinicians from around the globe. More than 80 doctors have already expressed their interest in participating in such a mentoring experience, and many more will follow after the opening of the center. Every doctor trained will help more children and bring us closer to the goal of restoring these children to their full potential.
The main building can also serve as a community center where special needs organizations can meet outside of office hours. The center will feature a book store as well as a vitamin and supplement counter, both helping parents to save money and the proceeds will go toward our non-profit organization, raising funds to pay for helpful therapies for needy patients.
In addition to the modern facilities mentioned above, Dr. Mumper would eventually like to have living quarters for staff and providers and even an on-site house in which visiting families and professionals could stay, eliminating the complications and hassle of staying in a hotel-a stressful process for the families of many autistic patients.
Early Intervention and Hope
Imagine a family getting a new diagnosis and immediately finding out that there is a place they can go to find help, information, treatment, encouragement, training, knowledge, inspiration, and most of all hope. Imagine being met by staff that actually listens to parents' experiences, concerns, and questions, with open hearts and objective answers. For the many parents who have been struggling to find answers, providers, and effective treatments for their children, this will be a welcome haven.It is a great joy to know that new families can save precious time continuing the dream of Dr. Rimland, that those with autism have a chance for treatments that will change their quality of life and their outcome - not next month or next year - NOW.
Bernie will be smiling down on all who enter. 
Dr. Mumper hopes The Rimland Center will continue to change the face of autism forever just as its namesake did. She hopes to start moving into the complex this September and, once up and running, plans a ribbon cutting ceremony in late fall.
For More Information
If you would like to contact the Rimland Center or have questions about the new complex, call Susan Robinson at: 434.528.9075.
Photo tour of Lynchburg
Parents Strive to Raise Funds For ARI
Help Fill in the Missing Pieces to Make a Difference

Many parents know that Bernie Rimland was a lot of things to them, a source for support, knowledge, hope, and surprisingly to many, an available and personal mentor. More than a few were surprised when calling ARI  to find the phone answered by Bernie himself. Long lasting relationships were forged over the years that will never be forgotten. One of those parents is Lynda Huggins of Monroe, Louisiana.
Jon Huggins
Her son, now 31, was one of the original "1 in 10,000" afflicted with autism, before the epidemic. Even then, Bernie and ARI were there for Lynda and she has watched the organization grow as the unfortunate epidemic exploded around us. Lynda understands, perhaps better than any parent out there, the debt of gratitude we owe to Dr. Rimland. 
Because of her long-standing relationship with ARI - Lynda was a parent member of the Society for Auditory Intervention Techniques (SAIT) Board for years - her devotion and gratitude to Bernie Rimland, and her strong belief in the work of ARI and DAN, and the real help they provided to her son and to so many others through the years, Lynda wanted to find a way to honor Dr. Rimland's memory and raise money for ARI research. It was important to Lynda that fundraising had to go "100 percent to ARI." She wanted a fundraiser that was accomplished by those affected by autism. No overhead, no administrative percentages, just an innovative fundraiser with all proceeds going directly to the organization. Lynda and her team have put together a fabulous, one-of-a-kind event for ARI.
In fact, it is not just a single event, but a compilation of fundraising activities culminating in a relaxing Caribbean getaway. Lynda is aiming high: she aspires to raise $1 million to fund important research, including a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated Study. 
How You Can Help - Selling Puzzle Pieces
Imagine if everyone who knows an adult or child with autism bought a puzzle piece for $1. A million dollars would be easy and require very little effort.  You can participate in this fund raiser, across the entire United States by simply ordering and selling your puzzle pieces. 
Puzzle Piece
E-mail everyone who knows your child and ask that they send you one dollar, offering in return to put their name on a puzzle piece. Ask local businesses to distribute the puzzle pieces; banks, grocery stores, clubs, car dealerships. Involve grandparents, friends, and co-workers in the effort. Nine out of 10 people will donate $1 if asked. This is a unique chance for families, friends, and neighbors to raise $1 million for research, one dollar at a time, in a grassroots effort. 
We all know that funds for real research into the cause of autism and affective treatments are needed. We also know that ARI is the leader in common sense research with the highest probability of finding answers that will make a difference for those living with autism today. We already know that ARI shares its data, knowledge, and developed treatments with all who seek it. 
ARI focuses its efforts on conducting and sponsoring studies that can translate into immediate benefits for today's generation of children and adults with autism. Dr. Rimland's ultimate goal was to defeat autism - we can all help make his dream a reality - one puzzle piece at a time.
To request puzzle pieces:
E-mail Lynda Huggins at oh_mom@yahoo.com. Lynda will send you packets of 50 and give you the return information as well as a poster to display with the puzzle pieces, and a letter to present to business owners. Lynda's goal: "Let's put these puzzle pieces across the entire U.S. and support the research we all want and need."
Volunteers will collect the funds and label the puzzle pieces with donors names for return to Lynda by the Aug. 25. Lynda and her volunteer team plan to use the puzzle pieces to decorate the Hotel Monteleone for the fundraising check presentation to an ARI staff member the evening prior to the cruise. 

Cruise for the Cause This September
To help in the effort, the grand finale is the Cruise for a Cause. In partnership with Carnival Cruises and GT Trends, Cruise for a Cause is a five-night, round-trip cruise to Cozumel and Costa Maya.
  • Day 0 Monday, Sept. 3
    Departs New Orleans at 4 p.m.
  • Day 1 Tuesday, Sept. 4
    At Sea
  • Day 2 Wednesday, Sept. 5
    Costa Maya, Noon to 8 p.m.
  • Day 3 Thursday, Sept. 6
    Cozumel 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Day 4 Friday, Sept. 7
    At Sea
  • Day 5 Saturday, Sept. 8
    Arrive New Orleans at 8 a.m.
Packages start at $587.68 per person, based on double occupancy and includes, room, port charges, taxes, vacation insurance, and cruise gratuities (more packages available). A portion of each fare will go to ARI. 
For cruise information and reservations, contact Jody Simpson toll-free at: 888.426.0036/e-mail:CruiseForACause@gmail.com
Cruise Sponsorships and Service Donations
Businesses, autism organizations, and individuals can become involved and honor the life of Dr. Rimland by participating in these pre-cruise events or by being a sponsor of these events. 
Sponsors will be recognized in the program and with a puzzle piece on the wall for the Sunday presentation. There are several sponsorship levels available:
  • Exclusive Diamond Sponsor for a donation of $5,000
  • Platinum Sponsor -$2,500
  • Gold Sponsor - $1,000
  • Silver Sponsor - $500
  • Bronze Sponsor for a donation of $100
  • Service Donations: Sports, music, and acting personalities can help by sending donations for the Silent Auction or by participating in the Autism Golf Tournament on Friday and the celebrity picture signing on Sunday.

Print and mail a Sponsorship Form (pdf)

Mail Donations to:
Bernard Rimland Tribute
509 North 2nd Street
Monroe, LA 71201
Make checks payable to: 'Autism Research Institute'
Extend the Fun: Pre-Cruise Events in New Orleans
For more fun and a little more fundraising there are several days of great events planned in New Orleans the weekend prior to the Cruise:
  • Thursday, Aug. 30: Tailgate party prior to the New Orleans Saints' final pre-season game against the Miami Dolphins. 
  • Friday, Aug. 31: Tee off in the Inaugural Autism Charity Golf Tournament. Friday night, join us for a a Late Night Jazz Party.
  • Sunday, Sept. 2: Cruise for a Cause Bon Voyage Party at the Hotel Monteleone featuring local jazz, Mark Leland (who sings the beautiful "Missing Pieces"), Todd Martin (#2 Elvis impersonator in the world), and celebrity picture signing and auctions. Sunday night concludes with the Puzzle Pieces Fundraiser Check Presentation where Lynda will present the puzzle piece campaign proceeds to an ARI Staff Member.
  • Monday, Sept. 3: A festive parade from the Hotel Monteleone to the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship is planned in preparation for departure.
About Cruise for a Cause:
Cruise for a Cause accommodates and supports many non-profits, so there will be cruisers supporting many different causes and organizations on this cruise. The cruise is not dedicated only to ARI and autism and is not a planned accommodation for families with their autistic children. Its focus-instead-is a respite opportunity for parents, grandparents, family, and friends. Children are of course welcome, but no special arrangements have been made. 
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